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Our experience with restoration work allows us to help you through the entire process. We can meet with a representative from your insurance company to help get a correct assessment of the damages. If an estimate already exists, we can verify that all needed repairs have been included. If a mortgage company is involved, we can assist in filling out the necessary paperwork. As the actual repairs take place, we work closely with the homeowner to ensure their house is a home again.


Whether you have a kitchen fire or an entire house damaged by fire, the situation causes a major disruption in your life. Our desire at B. Moore Construction is not only to repair your home, but also make the process as smooth as possible.

A house fire is always unexpected and can be devastating to a family. Let us help you rebuild your home.




Major water damage can be devastating. If your water heater bursts, gallons of water can ruin wood floors and carpeting. A shower pan that leaks can cause harmful mold in sheetrock. An air conditioning pipe that bursts can create a mess in your attic and water stains on your ceiling. If you are facing a water tragedy, B. Moore Construction can handle your repairs.





Living in Central Texas brings unpredictable weather. Strong winds, damaging lightening and hail, or a tree that has fallen on your home can cause major damage. B. Moore Construction can repair what nature attempts to destroy.

Thank for the professional job and the good work. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Gary and Pam Drango

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