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Emergency Services

When emergency arises, a homeowner can often minimize the damages by acting quickly. Safety is the most important issue, yet in those cases where physical harm is not a factor, there are often things that can be done to avoid any addition damage that may occur as a result from the initial incident. Turning off power or water, moving furniture to a safer/drier locationa and calling someone who can help. That's where we come in.

B. Moore Construction is fully prepared to handle many types of emergency situations and have many years of experience doing so. With 24-hour emergency services readily available, we can come to your home when help is needed. We can help with turning off the power or water, move contents, do board-ups, cover-ups and help secure your home. This is especially critical when the initial damage is coming from an outside source, like a dropped powerline or a brush fire. When a crisis to your home occurs, we can help keep your home as safe as possible and minimize your damages.

... I wanted to thank you for all of your help and for referring B. Moore Construction. He is knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, always reachable, and best of all - he did an amazing job!

- Pauline Giordani

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